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    Ford Transit Van Conversion | Insulation Guide

    The Road To Success Is Always Under Construction. My oh my… insulation is CONFUSING. Being someone who has never had to think about insulation and knows the bare minimum about cars this process of my ford transit van conversion has been a whirlwind of knowledge being thrown at me from every direction. I have researched everything, reached out to manufacturers, and watched videos to make sure I am doing this right. If you are starting or are looking into a ford transit van conversion I want to help you understand everything there is to know about insulating your van and why I took the direction I did. I want to…

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    Morning Routine For Successful People | The 6 Minute Miracle Morning

    Every Morning You Have The Opportunity To Become A Happier Version Of Yourself. I was never a morning person. I would wake up 15 minutes before I needed to leave, brush my teeth, comb my hair, get dressed, and run out the door. This was my morning routine for my entire life. What can I say? I loved those extra minutes of warmth under my comforter, heated blanket (in the winter months), cuddling with my dog. To me it was heaven. If you asked me a couple years ago if I needed a morning routine for successful people, I would have laughed and said no thanks, I love the extra…

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    Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot Review | My Go To

    Happiness Is Only A Pair Of Shoes Away. I bet you looked at the header image and thought, dang the one on the left has the better hiking boots. Those look like the better choice in a shoe, taller to keep you away from that foot of snow. I would have thought that too! But it could not be more wrong. She was slipping, sliding all over the place on this hike! They did not have the right insulation nor the right traction for the job! It made for a good laugh, but it was funny to see how my shorter shoes actually did better work. If you have read…

  • Adventure

    What To Bring On A Hiking Trip | The Necessities

    The Best Views Come After The Hardest Climbs. There are so many posts on what to bring on a hiking trip. But how can I figure out what the necessities of every hiking trip are? That is what I am here for! I have been through it all, 120 degree hikes in the dry heat of the Arizona deserts to -12 degree hikes in the cold crisp Rocky Mountains covered in a foot of snow. I want to let you know what my mistakes were on my day hikes and how you can avoid them at all costs! I will let you know the necessities of what to bring on…

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    Best Hikes Along The Oregon Coast | Weekend Trip

    Jobs Fill Your Pockets, Adventures Fill Your Soul. The best hikes along the Oregon coast did not come to me easily! And I promise they are not views you want to miss out on. I found these while I was on my last trip. I went out to the Oregon Coast at the beginning of the year. My friend Natalie and I met each other at the Eugene airport. See Natalie lives in Arizona, while I live (for now) in Michigan. This is our way of seeing each other at least once a year. This is when I fell in love with Oregon and everything it has to offer. We

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    Solo Female Van Life | Why That Path?

    Every Next Level Of Your Life Will Demand A Different You. About a year ago I was talking to my coworker Judy when I had an epiphany. The epiphany was that ever since I was young I always knew what I wanted to do. It was just suppressed by societies’ idea for me. Don’t get me wrong, when I was young it was never a rock solid idea of becoming a Solo Female Van Life Traveler or even an idea of travel. But there was always the dream of needing something more in life! Solo Female Van Life is my way of getting there.

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    Travel Local | Like A Pro

    Travel Is Never A Matter Of Money, But Of Courage. Whatever your reason for wanting to travel local, pro style you have 100% made the best decision. I believe to travel local, pro style it gives you the chance to immerse yourself in another culture. Even if you’re only traveling one state over, you could not imagine the contrasts between the

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    Getting Outside Your Comfort Zone | 4 Things That Manifest

    Change is Tricky, Our Brains Love Comfort. Getting outside your comfort zone is a scary step to take. No worries, you’re not alone! Even I struggled with getting myself outside my comfort zone and sometimes still do! I mean guilty as charged… I love sitting on the couch, binge watching Netflix, with my dog next to me, and a bowl of popcorn in my hand. It is a comfort zone, a form of mindlessness after a long day of work. But if I have learned anything, it is that I also crave change. When change is not happening around me, I become stagnant, and I know I need to get…

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    Solo Female Van Life | Van Buying Made Easy

    The thought of solo female van life for me was a scary yet thrilling idea. So thrilling that it didn’t matter how I got there I was determined for it to happen. I was just confused on how to do it all. I wished there were more solo female van life women out there posting for me to research off of. When I was researching I also wished all the information was in one place; like all the van options I had, the difference between them, the pros and cons of each, then what I had to do after I picked the brand. But the number one